Spotlight: Lemons

     I have said this before, "When life hands you lemons preserve them into submission".  So again a tip for all you Black Friday shoppers out there: Do yourselves a favor, buy a bag of lemons tomorrow, and preserve them.  I know this sounds a little odd, but trust me it is worth it in the long run.  Bonus: the lemons will probably not be as in high demand as that newest generation electronic or toy of the moment, but after a month of preserving I guarantee these lemons will be more popular and less riddled with guilt.
     I had researched a lot of different sites before I made my preserved lemons.  Many of them used Meyer lemons, but I used what I had available from my local Aldi's, good old-fashioned lemons.  After scrubbing the whole lemons with a vegetable scrubber, I rubbed them with salt, quartered and packed them tightly into a clean Atlas quart jar given to me in a lot of jars from my grandparents stash.  I added additional tablespoons of salt after each lemon was added, cardamon pods along the way, a few bay leaves, and a whole cinnamon stick for good measure.  This was then covered over with additional Real Lemon juice and placed in the refrigerator for a month shaking daily to redistribute the salt.
     What emerged was truly wonderful, quite like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.  All parts of the lemons after a month were ready to be used in recipes.  Whether the peel, flesh or juice, they were ready to impart a unique brightness, a subtle citrus burst.  I am not kidding, I made a creation tonight using the lemons as a favor profile and it was incredible. So just do it. Buy those lemons and preserve them, in a month your taste-buds will scream THANK YOU!

Preserved Lemons as inspired by the recipe at The Kitchn

Prepare as directed above placing in clean jar. Cover tightly with lid and place in refrigerator for 1 month shaking daily. We dove into these recently at our household to create a satisfying dish.  Check out  recipes here and here for these tasty gems as an ingredient!

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