Meatless Monday: A bust this week

     Going out in style for 2012, this meatless monday is once again totally meatless and in fact devoid of food all together.  I could throw out a recipe that I have made years ago without taste testing,  pictures or style but really what is the point?  Why devoid of food?  Today after a whirlwind weekend with lots of company, traveling to visit friends, and overall too much fun, I am sick.  I also have to work today at 3 pm.
     Please enjoy this last monday of 2012 and I promise I will be posting something fabulous next monday in 2013.  In the meantime here is a review of Family of Foodies 2012 past meatless monday's, try one of these today!  Be safe and have a great day.

     Cheese Soup

Vegetable Stew

Hummus with preserved Lemons


Black Bean Soup

Spicy Noodle Bowl